Below you find a list of bitcoin faucets paying to your bitcoin wallet. Just visit them on time and you will get some nice amount of bitcoins over time.


websiteEarningsWait time for next rewardpayout
websiteEarningsWait time for next rewardpayout
free bitcoin Minimum about 700 satoshi. Can be more with random number.60 minutes Weekly
Bitcoin zebra 1000,2000 or 3000 satoshi60 minutesWeekly
moon bitcoin about 200 after 5 minutes. More if you wait longer to claimminimal 5 minutesWeekly
btc-tree 200, 250 or 1200 Satoshis60 minutesDirect via faucetbox
frog-btc 300,500 or 1700 satoshis60 minutesDirect via faucetbox
btcdrips 200,250 or 1200 satoshis120 minutesDirect via faucetbox
goldwmr 300,400 or 500 satoshis180 minutesDirect via Faucetbox


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